From DSLR to mirrorless – my first images with the Panasonic GM1

I’m having fun with the Panasonic Lumix GM1 mirrorless camera in Mauritius, having made the rather brave decision to leave my trusty DSLR at home in favour of getting to know this wee beauty.

We’re here to see family, our son, Steve and daugher in law, Annie, but they’ve “abandoned” us to go and have their first baby in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s not their fault and we don’t mind in the least –  our new, sweet grand baby decided to arrive early and so we are keeping ourselves busy in the best way we know how.

This is our first visit in the wintertime and it’s been a little different so far. Still perfect for T-shirts and slops but there’s been a little wind and rain. Before Steve went off to Ireland, he took us to a beach near to Le Morne – you can just see the famous Le Morne rock in the background – where he practised some ground handling with his paraglider. The kite surfing image was taken at Le Morne on a very windy day. Not long after we got there, a rain cloud moved in and we moved off, to go and enjoy a birthday lunch at Emba Filau beach restaurant. It was a bit more sheltered there and the rain stayed away.

The beautiful beach images are taken at La Preneuse beach which is within walking distance of Steve and Annie’s home and our favourite place for sundowners. The GM1 has been amazing so far but it’s early days yet. I’ve used it mainly on Aperture Priority, which I am used to and Auto Intelligent which I want to explore more. I must say that I did miss having a viewfinder when the sun was full on the LCD screen but I love the simplicity of use. We’re leaving for Melbourne to see more family in two days time but I’m hoping for lots more photo opps here on the island when we return at the end of August. In the meanttime, I’m very excited to hit Melbourne with both my GM’s ….. Dave and the camera!


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